Daily Pop Crosswords July 15 2018 Answers

Daily Pop Crosswords  July 15 2018  AnswersBelow you will be able to see all the answers, cheats and solutions for Daily Pop Crosswords July 15 2018 Answers.. This is a new crossword type of game developed by PuzzleNation which are quite popular in the trivia-app industry! In case you are looking for today’s Daily Pop Crosswords Answers look no further because we have just finished posting them and we have listed them below:

Daily Pop Crosswords July 15 2018 Answers

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  1. Shade-providing tree
  2. Volcano output
  3. Uses needle and thread
  4. “War and Peace” writer Tolstoy
  5. ___ down (eat up)
  6. “An ___ of Darkness” (V.S. Naipaul memoir)
  7. Short-lived obsession
  8. Philip K. Dick’s “The Man in the ___ Castle”
  9. Marshall’s wife on “How I Met Your Mother”
  10. 2013 Jack Reacher novel by Lee Child (3 wds.)
  11. Inquire
  12. Lexicon with quarterly online updates (Abbr.)
  13. The “O” in REO cars
  14. Air quality overseer (Abbr.)
  15. Military entertainment group (Abbr.)
  16. 2010 Jack Reacher novel by Lee Child (3 wds.)
  17. William Faulkner’s “As I ___ Dying”
  18. Persian Gulf federation with seven members (Abbr.)
  19. Sunny-side-up part
  20. Abbr. on a cruise itinerary
  21. Month with Take Your Daughter to Work Day (Abbr.)
  22. 2016 Jack Reacher novel by Lee Child (2 wds.)
  23. Soccer announcer’s cry
  24. No longer fooled by
  25. “The ___ and the Pendulum” (Edgar Allan Poe short story)
  26. Wedding-day wheels for short
  27. Lunch hour for some
  28. Flightless bird of Australia
  29. Approximately (2 wds.)
  30. Droll
  31. “The Confessions of ___ Turner” (Pulitzer-winning novel by William Styron)
  32. “The ___ on the Shelf” (Christmas book sold with a toy)
  33. “___ In: Women Work and the Will to Lead” (bestseller by Sheryl Sandberg)
  34. “Ugly Betty” magazine
  35. Post-workout woes
  36. Neglect as duty
  37. Boss on “The Dukes of Hazzard”
  38. Bowl of greens
  39. Investigative journalist Schlosser who wrote “Fast Food Nation”
  40. Old TV host Lawrence
  41. Utter out loud
  42. “The View” co-host Goldberg
  43. Wide as the ocean
  44. “The Martian” actor Sean
  45. Mail deliverer in “Harry Potter” books
  46. Mauna ___ (Hawaiian volcano)
  47. ___ rub (barbecue application)
  48. “The Bluest ___” (Toni Morrison novel)
  49. Sci-fi saucer for short
  50. Pine-___ (cleaning brand)
  51. Mork’s home planet
  52. “Button it!”
  53. Two-time James Bond portrayer Timothy
  54. Pita-wrapped sandwich
  55. Type of dwelling featured in the documentary “Nanook of the North”
  56. Audition hopeful
  57. Counterfeit
  58. Genre for James M. Cain and Dashiell Hammett
  59. Food with a Veterinary Formula
  60. “___ Falling on Cedars” (David Guterson novel)
  61. Word on a store sign that’s flipped daily
  62. Peru’s capital
  63. Day-___ colors
  64. Egyptian boy-king

Mork’s home planet crossword clue

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Mork’s home planet


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