Daily Pop Crosswords May 19 2018 Answers

Daily Pop Crosswords  May 19 2018  AnswersBelow you will be able to see all the answers, cheats and solutions for Daily Pop Crosswords May 19 2018 Answers.. This is a new crossword type of game developed by PuzzleNation which are quite popular in the trivia-app industry! In case you are looking for today’s Daily Pop Crosswords Answers look no further because we have just finished posting them and we have listed them below:

Daily Pop Crosswords May 19 2018 Answers

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  1. Mad Max: Fury ___ (2015 action film starring Charlize Theron)
  2. High-tech organizers briefly
  3. Dance like Savion Glover
  4. Nickname for grandma
  5. Move in real estate lingo
  6. Chain of neighborhood food stores
  7. Banana peel
  8. Desktop that comes with a Magic Keyboard and a Mighty Mouse
  9. Family room
  10. 1968-’69 NBA scoring leader (2 wds.)
  11. Body of water parted in Exodus (2 wds.)
  12. Band-___ (boo-boo protector)
  13. Guinness product
  14. _____ So Easy (Linda Ronstadt hit song)
  15. One-named singer of Thanjk You
  16. 1988-’89 NBA scoring leader (2 wds.)
  17. Sushi bar drink
  18. Missy Elliott’s music genre
  19. The night before Christmas
  20. Backboard attachement
  21. American Beauty Oscar-winning director Sam
  22. 2008-’09 NBA scoring leader (2 wds.)
  23. Well lookee here!
  24. Traditional Indian wedding dress
  25. Carpenter’s clamp
  26. Part of a race
  27. Wonderful Tonight singer Clapton
  28. Tense and irritable
  29. Glee actress ___ Michele
  30. Bye-bye! (Hyph.)
  31. Assign a PG-13 to say


Vending machine bills crossword clue

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Vending machine bills


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